An agreement made on behalf of yourselves or for the benefit of a third party implies complete acceptance of these terms and conditions. 


WORKSAFEPAT, WORKSAFEPAT Contracting and Preventative Measures are trading names of:


Reg Office:  Ty Menter

Parc Navigation



CF45 4SN 

  1. Worksafepat Ltd agree to carry out inspection and testing of electrical equipment (Essential Tests) in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive Guidance and IET Code of Practice for in-services inspection and testing of electrical equipment.
  2. Essential tests for the purpose of these terms is an Earth Bond Test at either 25 Amps or 200mA (Items of Class 1 construction) and Insulation Testing at 500Vdc to items of both Class 1 and Class 2 Construction with an optional 250Vdc test to sensitive equipment or a sub leakage test of approximatley 40VAC. Optional touch current leakage testing will be performed at mains voltage. Any electrical testing is performed following the Formal Visual Inspection. This will mean that individual appliances will be disconnected.
  3. The Client agrees that we cannot be held responsible for items that are not inspected/tested that have not been made available to us or are locked away.
  4. Worksafepat Ltd cannot be held responsible for loss of production or data as a result of disconnection or an item failing inspection and testing.
  5. As part of our service we are able to offer 3rd party advice to our customers, we promote risk based inspection and testing in accordance with HSE Guidance and ongoing frequencies of inspection and testing are soley the responsibility of the Client or their responsible person.
  6. As part of our service we may contact you as a reminder in the future to inspect and test your electrical appliances however you are under no obligation from us to do so unless a contract is in place.
  7. If we are unable to gain access to a premises following an agreed appointment we reserve the right at our discretion to charge a no show fee to cover costs up to a maximum of £75.00
  8. Worksafepat Ltd are an expanding business with Clients across the UK. In some cases Worksafepat Contracting reserve the right to using specialist sub contract services. However, in the unlikely event of  any disagreements, grievances or disputes they will remain with Worksafepat Ltd and Worksafepat Ltd should always be your first point of contact.
  9. Worksafepat Ltd have a responsible approach to credit management and some potential works may be subject to credit checks or interim payments.
  10. We are able to invoice our customers for inspection and testing services and we generally do not ask for payments up front we ask you to acknowledge this and to pay any remittance due within 7 days of receipt unless different terms agreed.
  11. Any disagreements, grievances or disputes should be taken up within 7 days of occurance.
  12. Where we are asked to deliver training, cleared payment confirms booking and must be recieved within 48 hours of given training date.
  13. We are able to accept payment by BACS - Cheque - VISA and most other Credit/Debit cards (Paypal).
  14. Acceptance of works implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  15. WORKSAFEPAT Ltd reserve the right to hold back any (PAT) certificates or results until cleared payment is recieved.

              Copyright WORKSAFEPAT Ltd  Registered in England and Wales 07443372 Ty Menter, Parc Navigation, Abercynon RCT. CF45 4SN  t/a worksafepat, 

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