Would you know if your school/Nursery or Care Home appliances are being inspected and pat tested correctly?

In our experience PAT Testing is seen as a loss leader by some Companies who tender for larger works. This essential Health and Safety component is then sometimes sub-contracted out to the lowest bidder without the knowledge of the Duty Holder.

The Law states that '...all electrical systems shall be at all times of such construction and be maintained in order to prevent danger'. 

and that '...ALL Practicable steps must be made to prevent such danger'.

We have spoken to a number of Duty Holders in LEA and Local Government during our consultancy and it has come to light that in many cases a 'Formal' inspection has not taken place to check for substandard or counterfeit items that could pass a standard PAT Test.

In most cases the plug top has not been opened or in the case of a molded plug the fuse being checked.


It is the responsibility of the Duty Holder of the School, Care Home or Nursery to ensure that risk assessments are being carried out correctly and that the Duty Holder should be able to interpret inspection/test results in order to determine frequencies of assesssments. Detailed inspection/test results could form part of a defence in cases of negligence.

Please dont just ask for a quote for 'PAT Testing' but insist on both the Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG107) and the IET.

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