How can I be sure that my pat testing has been carried out correctly? Is Pat Testing Law?  How long does pat testing take? What does Pat testing stand for? Is it PA Testing or pat testing? Should only portable appliances be tested? Can pat testing detect all faults? Who is legally responsible to ensure pat testing is actually being carried out? Do you have to be an electrician to carry out pat testing? Is there a legal standard to pat testing? What does a pat testing label mean? Do I need detailed pat testing results? My pat testing provider charges very little per item but tests many items per hour is it being done correctly? What does a user check consist of? What is due dilligence? What is a formal inspection? Who determines frequency? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? How do I impliment a maintenance system? How can I train my employees? Can I carry out pat testing in-house? How can I interpret the electrical test results?

In order to comply with the Law, all practicable steps must be made to ensure that electrical equipment is maintained to help prevent danger.

It is always the responsibility of the main Duty Holder to ensure that inspection and testing is being carried out to best practice.

Worksafepat Ltd offer Duty Holder training to help you make informed decisions in line with Health and Safety Guidance Note HSG107

duty holder training- managing the risks from portable electrical equipment

   Managing the Risks from Portable Electrical Appliances Effectively.

One Day Course

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